Travels with my Mom- NYC Style!

Well it’s two am here in Greenville, SC and I seem not to be able to sleep even though I have a van time of 0720. But what the Hell! We shall just roll with it and use this time for some writing. Tomorrow shall be damned with their 3 hour flights back across the country and that little 20 minute jaunt!

So here we go!

NYC Day Trip with my mom.

Last week after Thanksgiving week shenanigans flying I flew out to TN to take my mom to NYC for the Day. After four years I finally put my mom on my flight benefits and so this was her first trip using them and I wanted to get her accustomed to it and to see how it’d go.

Bright eyed at 5 am.

I will say for a first trip and a day trip by that the flight loads were very open and we lucked out both flights with getting Comfort and First class coming back. I have gone and spoiled my mom on this first time on that #non-revlife.

We woke early for our 6 am flight out of TN for a non-stop flight into LGA and we got in at just a little before 8. I ended up ordering us a Lyft though next time I will skip that and just do the Subway. Honestly so much quicker and cheaper.

We headed straight for breakfast at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee in Chelsea. I have to say they are right up there with Carolina Bagel in New Bern, NC. After breakfast we headed down to the Financial District to visit the 9/11 memorial.

We spent a little time here walking around the memorial. We discussed about how big that day is engraved in our memories and the loss. Out of all of the city this is certainly a place of quiet and remembrance for those whose lives where lost. Though we did see some teens or young twenty-something’s trying to do a tick—tock which seemed way off base. There were security guards who caught them and either made them leave or stop(both). There are places where it’s just not warranted for such conduct.

Once we finished at the memorial we walked down to Battery Park to get a look at the Statue of Liberty. We didn’t get a good look as at our point where we were at was at the ferries for and cruises for the island. In my haste I didn’t look to see about going down along the walking path in the park to get better views. I was just trying to get us to has many places as possible within a day. Eh, sorry mom.

We then hopped back on the subway and went up to Grand Station Terminal… ummm we could have gone up farther for a closer stop but I kinda made this a stop in itself. Ha! One can do that when one’s mother gives her control of the itinerary and the directions. Thank you mom. Grand Central Station also had a Holiday Fair. We did some browsing through the booths and I picked up a little. NYC Christmas souvenir for myself and then we headed on.

Our next destination was The Rockefeller Plaza. We stopped outside of the Chrysler Building and made our way up the busy NYC streets. Mom wondering where I was taking her has we did a big loop right back on accident to Grand Central. I just really felt compelled to the station. We eventually got back on track and made our way stopping outside of Saks 5th Avenue for the Christmas windows also while stopping outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral before heading across the street to the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree.

We then stopped in the Top of The Rock and got tickets to go to the top for the views of the City. I am really glad that we did this. The views where just…!!! We hung out here for a little bit wondering around all the view points and letting my phone charge a bit before moving on to the next spot.

Since this was a Christmas Season trip we moved down to the Macy’s on 34th and 7th. The window scenes where something else. Also walking inside of Macy’s was something all together as well. Just Glitter and Sparkles everywhere.

It was then one last stop before heading back to the airport. We made our way up to Times Square. If the rest of the city wasn’t sensory overload… Times Square was certainly overload. Don’t think I ever need to head over there again unless making my way to Broadway for a show.

We then topped it all of with pizza before heading onto the Subway for our last stop to the airport at LGA again. The subway doesn’t connect all the way to LGA there is a bus connection at Hoyte and Astoria Blvd. which took 30 minutes with all the stops before making its way to the airport.

$22 dollars for an all day metro card got us through the whole day plus still left over with only one little mixup when trying to figure out which correct train we needed for the direction.

By 3 I was ready for a good rest and for bed so our flight for 6 was great timing for us. It would have been fun to stay another night and explore some more but when you can be back in your own bed after being in a different state for a day. Eh, you know..

We got back to moms around 9 and then decided to mellow out with watching Home Alone-Lost in NYC.

Well I hope you all enjoyed that. It is now going on 3 and I should at least attempt once more for sleep for another 3 hours.

Now, where to next?

With Love,


I am certainly no fashion guru, expert or fashionista but if you are curious about my dress that I am wearing is called the Adrondack flannel dress, looks like they are out of this one but the next best one I think is this one

P.S. I also took plenty of video footage as well so I will be posting a video up on my YouTube channel.

6 thoughts on “Travels with my Mom- NYC Style!

  1. Thank you for a very fun day, I love traveling with you and after this one day nonriv trip I am hooked, I have made a bucket list now😁 for one day trips.
    Love mom

    • Thank you. It was a great time with my mom. It’s been fun getting to travel with her the last couple of years. And so glad finally made it into Manhattan. Looking forward to my next visit to checking out some of those restaurant spots you have up on the blog.

  2. Wow, such a beautiful collection of wonderful photos from New York, Jessica. I am glad to see you had an amazing trip with your mom. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

    • Aw, thank you. I tried to take plenty of pictures. Though I think I got more video footage. When I get home from work today I’ll be editing and getting that footage together and uploaded.
      And thank you and have a great day Aiva.

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