An American in London part III

My last morning I woke early to take a walk and get coffee before it was time for me to head back to the airport.

I decided I’d take a walk through Knotting Hill then back over to Paddington Station to take the train to the airport. Everything went fine until I tried to buy coffee and for some reason my card wouldn’t work. The walk was still lovely and I was able to see Notting Hill which has been in a few of my favorite Rom-coms. Julia Roberts anyone? I mean the 90’s/00’s have some of the top notch rom-cons coming out of Britain.

It was a Saturday morning and oh, I really wish that I would have been able to stay longer. It was a Saturday Market and the market was lined down the whole of the Main Street of Knotting Hill. I should have taken some cash out just for all of that fresh baked bread. The color and the flowers everywhere through the neighborhoods and the shops. It reminded me of Portland and Seattle.

I meandered through the neighborhoods making my way to the Blue Door from the movie Notting Hill. It’s one of my top fav Rom-Coms.

Also what is your favorite British Rom Com? Let me know in the comments.

I then made my way back to Paddington Station to take the express train back to the airport. of course not before I found Paddington the bear for a quick picture before heading on the train.

So that morning I had a bit of a mix up as I had stated up above about my bank card. After asking a police officer he explained that all I had to do was use my original train ticket for the express and it worked just fine to get me back on. Also, I guess there wasn’t really anything wrong with my card. Once I got to the airport I was able to buy coffee and breakfast and also a book. So I’m not sure what the problem was. I will say the next time I travel I’ll be taking out some cash to use for certain things. It really is a learning experience each time.

My luck for this trip just kept on giving as I was able to get bumped up to Delta One on the flight back to Salt Lake. This has been really the only time I have flown on Delta One and I am really glad I got the experience. Getting those experiences also helps me to be better about the service I also give and provide while working. Watching how others are doing the same job as myself. I like to call it a refresh. Also getting to lie fully down for that flight back home was top notch. 🤌🏻

Well I hope you enjoyed the memory lane with me. I do apologize for how long it has taken to get all three parts published up on the blog.

I hope you have enjoyed.

With love,


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