Drafted early June 2022. Excerpt I wrote this out right after I had been dating someone a second go at it and as all long distance happen a phone call that ended the relationship.

Dating is hard and just seems to get even more complicated as we get older and that’s not even including adding in being a flight attendant.

Or perhaps that is just the excuse… me being a flight attendant. Always gone never at home.. it certainly adds an extra layer to it but I also know it’s what we put into it as well.

It’s been almost a decade since my divorce… that’s 9 years of first dates, first kisses, promises of calling, being stood up and standing others up… of one year long cross country relationship, of-is this isn’t this something, of awkward non dates that seems like a date.. of never getting it quite right.

I wish this one didn’t have to hurt as much and yet it does.

And here I am again wondering if maybe those years of dreaming of some distant family I believed was in the cards was all a distraction. All those years of dreaming of the dream man was in fact a smoke and mirrors.

Not all of us are meant to be with someone.. perhaps we are meant for something else that is better for us.


3 thoughts on “

    • I think so too. Just the expectance that it will probably look different than what we expected and will be different for all of us.
      It’s such a journey. Thank you Lyssy for the comments and likes.

  1. Like Lyssy said, we end up where we are supposed to be. How we get there may be a long frustrating road with ups and downs along the way but we get there. Remember each is a stepping stone in our journey. We just have to embrace each one for what it is.

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