Autumn At Mike’s Farm

It’s become a bit of a tradition at the start of Autumn to fly out to New Bern and to head right to Mike’s Farm.

We have already started going to Mike’s Farm for the Christmas season for the Festival of Lights Hayride. Which we absolutely love and we find is a great bang for your buck.

This year I was able to fly out earlier in October, the eastern half of North Carolina was still a bit warm. It was mostly in the low 70’s when I got there with a few dips in the 50’s. As you can tell by my dress, I was going for a look.

We managed to get dressed up so we could get some fun autumn pictures at the pumpkin patch.

We brought a lunch with us sitting at the picnic tables and the girls went crazy over the dairy cow, goat and sheep on the farm. They got to feed them and giggling the whole time.

We then headed into the store to get our tickets and to also grab apple cider to have while we waited for our turn for the hayride. What is also rather enjoyable about the country store is everything they sell is all local to the region and particularly to North Carolina. Small batch specialty food items and local artisans.

I tend to only be able to be there during the weekdays. The weekends are the time to go during the fall and Christmas season.

Though going during the week is just as much fun and your able to have the place a little more to yourself and if you happen to homeschool this is a great time to come out for a day outing.

We took the ride out to the pumpkins patch and walked around got some fun pictures of the girls running around. The girls had already gotten some pumpkins. Truthfully this was really an activity for Kelsey and I… mostly. I mean the girls tag along and have fun of course but let’s be honest half the things that are geared for family fun are really for the women in her 30’s wanting all the aesthetic feel without it being awkward because you end up being a single adult sans child running around a pumpkin patch and riding on hayrides. It looks a bit strange.. am’i right?

But all of that it is fun watching the girls run around and there is a bit of everything for child and adult. And now it’s family tradition to go in the fall and winter.

You can also see another post from last year where I mention Mike’s Farm as well- in Christmas Hallmark Town

You can be sure I will be heading back this month for more.

With love,


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