New and Favorite Overnights of 2022

As we are nearing the end of the year I wanted to do a little post review of my favorite overnights and some new cities that I got to go to for work.  In the last year I have gotten really lucky with my schedule getting a bit of a change up on where I am going and what my schedule looks like month to month.  Seniority really does have its benefits as well as understanding how to bid within your seniority level as well.  I am no professional when it comes to bidding but I do have my own simple tricksthat help me each month that I do bid.  Which I don’t always and so some months the schedule isn’t always in my favor. 

So on that note I’d like to head straight into it…

 Charleston, SC

 In early February I had my first overnight in Charlson, SC.  You can find that post here.  I sadly have not been back but I do remember getting that overnight at such a great time of the year. Was really needing some warm weather and sunshine and I was able to get that on this trip. I used that day up like my own little mini vacation.   Work trips like this are always the best kind of perk to this job. 

Jacksonhole, WY

 I was getting a lot of Jackson Hole overnights late winter and early spring. Sadly they are widely popular in the summer time and I think the mainline carrier we normally fly for into Jacksonhole has been taking those flights off of our hands, sadly. Each new overnight I managed to try something different and explore a little more.  

Thankfully I have a girls trip with my mom and aunt coming up in May and we will be heading into Jacksonhole for our base camp.  One of the highlights for one of the trips was taking a horse drawn sleigh ride through the National Elf Refuge also with breakfast atCafe Genevieve. Also one of my top favorite coffee shops is next door Persephone Bakery.

 Nashville, TN

I have been back to Nashville a lot this year and each time is always such a treat and a little different each time. It will always be a little different depending on the crew you are. Flying with that trip.  I have gone walking around the it’s on my own. Finding neighborhoods off the beaten path with their own flavor and style, I have sat in the back of a bar listening to local writers singing their popular songs on the radio and I have pub crawled it and brunches it up with the crew. I have also walked to the far reaches of the town for the perfect PSL as well.  All while ending the night crawling under my sheets falling asleep to Dolly Parton looking down at me.  This is also my favorite hotel in the whole system. 

Providence, RI 

 Was a new overnight and I’d have to say a memorable one at that.  Three of the four crew members rode around the city exploring by bike and sealing it all with lobster rolls. The architecture, the gobble roads, the misty sea air and all the coffee coffee you could drink on every street corner (every third sore front) and oh All of the History!  You can find that post here. 

Toronto, Ontario 

 Back this fall I had my first Toronto overnight once Canada flying opened back up again after Covid restrictions.  Toronto has that very Midwestern feel to it. I get it that Toronto is in Canada and its own set of customs but there was just something that screams Canada Mid-west.  I also grew up just slightly below it in Ohio and Toronto just always felt like an extension of the region. I honestly don’t remember when I finally realized Toronto wasn’t in the states. Eh.  The crew I flew with this trip we got in a little later but we managed to head over to  a pub for drinks and for the local dish -Poutine. 

Pittsburgh, Pa

 And for the finale overnight that was new and memorable -Pittsburgh. I had never been and glad that I got to go and do a little exploring around.  I ended up I switching this trip from an original trip that I had for that same week.  Which is something rather nice about my job, we are able to trade our trips for other trips in the monthly calendar. It was also a bonus work. trip that I was able to work with a coworker who was moving onto another airline.  So our whole crew had a good time getting to celebrate with him this trip as it was nearing one of his last trips in our company.
And that will lead us out of this year.  The rest of my work trips have all been to places I have been before and the overnights will be rather short.  

So what have been some of your new favorite places you have visited this year? 

With love,


One thought on “New and Favorite Overnights of 2022

  1. Ok ok my new place was New York which you know but now I have a list and after this post I have more to add. And jackson hole is a pretty cool place can’t wait to go this May.

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