An American in Paris, part 1

Sometimes plans just seem to fall in line perfectly. Or new plans, unexpected plans. Last month I took myself to Paris for two days.

I have been dreaming of going to Paris since I started out as a flight attendant, really before that. It was a rainy October night in PDX in the terminal leaving one thing wanting to make a fresh start. So there I promised myself that I would take myself to Paris. Nobody else would but myself. 5 years later…. There I was….

Crying in the airport in Paris, in a frantic mess because I thought I lost my passport on the aircraft. Believing that it had fallen underneath my seat. I found it by the way, 3 hours later in my coat pocket. Where it didn’t belong. So, yes even flight attendants loose their important belongings.

It actually turned out for the best. There was another flight attendant who was trying to travel through Paris to get to Spain but unfortunately missed her connection so was then stuck in Paris for the day. Once we both had calmed down and made a good laugh about all of it we decided to head out into the city together to see Paris.

The even better part was while she had been in school she had done a travel abroad program in France so she still new some French and had seen a little of Paris before. So thanks to her she helped me learn a few phrases in French to help me get by. It also helped having her there when using the metro.

My new travel friend and I headed for the Eiffel Tower first. We had planned to get coffee up at the second level of the tower but realized how more expensive everything was there. We did take the stairs to make it more affordable and the experience to say I have climbed the Eiffel Tower.

The views were pretty amazing even with the wind, cold and rain. I’m not sure but I may have started falling in love with Paris, right there. Climbing those steps, looking out at the city in all of its winter gloomy glory.

Currently, you can only go up to the second two floors of the tower. There is construction at the very top.

We did stop at the first floor. There’s a bubble tent for the coffee, wine bar to stay warm and dry. We checked it out but then decided to go to the second floor to try a coffee up there.

We made it to the seconded floor. Which is technically two levels you can walk around on. With an inner portion with shops and refreshments and bathrooms. We explored up there for a bit and then decided to not get coffee and find a local coffee shop instead that would be cheaper and quieter.

We then checked for a coffee shop that would be close but not right at the Eiffel Tower. I found Cairn Coffee shop. The coffee shop just has a few small tables to sit. We were able grab a table to sit and enjoy our coffee and scones while we looked at where else to explore.

Also by the way, when I am in Paris again, I would head right back to this place even if it was for a to go coffee.

Once we felt revived we headed towards Musee d’Orsay. This was my first time really getting to explore the streets and seeing all the architecture.

We explored as we went, trying to walk swiftly and also trying to also take everything in. Also walking past all of the patisserie along the way with our eyes getting bigger and hungrier than I have ever been compared to seeing some really good looking guy on a plane.

When we finally got there the line gave us a Big Old No! With the cold, wind and bit of rain it certainly made for a busy day at the museum. We then consoled our sorrow at a patisserie. We got a couple pastries to share and then found a seat outside to enjoy.

By the end of this my friend was ready to head back to the airport to make her way to her gate. I decided to find my way to my hotel, check in and find dinner. (I didn’t, I passed out and slept till the next morning)

We took the train back in the direction of the airport and my hotel. We did a change exchange and said our goodbyes and good lucks.

I am still so thankful that I ran into her. That she was able to help me out with the language and made it feel more comfortable riding on the train. After that I felt more confident in myself with making my way through the city on my own the next day.

What’s some of your craziest travel stories, scary stories, funny stories? Drop them in the comments.

With love,


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