About the Blogger


it’s me jess,

these things are always awkward, kinda like a first date.

and then we always say its awkward and it just then goes into that silent pause…………………


so now that we have that out of our systems.

i have been a non-professional blogger since 2010. i have had many different blogs, under lots of different names.

this one here has been around since 2013.  we are still trying to get to know one another, it’s okay you get to be around for all the awkwardness of it.  i am sure if you are witty you can use it against me at some point in my professional career after i have written some novel (because every blogger wants to write a book) and it makes it to the top of the new yorker or something of that affect.

I am a midwestern but now live out west in utah. i attend university at Weber State.  i think it is a rather good school, it has come a long way.  i also live in ogden, utah. a rather magical little mountain town if i do say so myself.  i try to write a little about each.

and just like everyone else i have a past that has been one adventure after another.  i try to discuss this and be open as much as possible in my posts.  i want this to be a place where i can share and connect with others but i also want this to be a fun place for me to be creative. i want this to be a place where others can come and connect as well.

so welcome, stay awhile.

you can reach me if you’d like at

jessica (dot) raye (dot) hall (at) gmail (dot) com

with love,



I love comments! Especially Yours!

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