Dublin Castle- Day 3 of Ireland

Day 3 of Girls Trip: Dublin Castle Kelsey and I left Galway mid-morning after exploring a little more of the town and breakfast and then took a 2 hour and 30 min bus ride We only really had that afternoon to explore Dublin as we had two other days filled with more tours.  While on … Continue reading Dublin Castle- Day 3 of Ireland

San Antonio

For the last couple of weekends I have had a couple overnights in San Antonio with enough time to get out and walk along the Downtown River Walk and around the Alamo. San Antonio has been one of those places since I was a kid I wanted to visit.  I was really big into history … Continue reading San Antonio

Mothers Day

the sun is setting behind me its really quite beautiful.  An orange/coral glow with clouds passing over it.  I am sitting at the balcony in my hotel room currently looking out to the mountain range in Vancouver.  It is all spectacular and I won't have a picture for this view.  This one is going to … Continue reading Mothers Day