Ireland Dublin to Galway

  Girls Trip October 5th-11th, 2019: Day 1 Kelsey and I flew into JFK were we had a good long layover.  We took an Uber into Astoria on Long Island in-between Queens and Brooklynn.  (I go into Astoria often for work and I love the neighborhoods).  We met Kelsey cousins at SingleCut Beersmiths for a … Continue reading Ireland Dublin to Galway

Basic Flight Attendant Meal Prep Esstentials

A reminder that today is Friday which I thought was Friday two days ago but here we are.  Not that it really matters to most of us.   Many of us are still doing what we have been doing for the last month at home looking at the same people from last week.    I … Continue reading Basic Flight Attendant Meal Prep Esstentials