New Years Eve recap. 

For New Years Eve Jordan and I took a trip down to Santa Cruz to visit Nisene Marks State Park and to then take a drive along the coast and stop at a couple beaches while heading up to Half Moon Bay. 

I have missed the beach with the sand, rocks and waves all under my feet.  There is something rejuvenating and releasing about the pureness of standing there listening to the waves crashing at the rocks. 

When my ex left all I wanted to do was to jump into a car and drive till I could go no farther. Where the road and ocean met, where I could get out stand there in the sand and wait for the ocean and sand to bury me in her depths.  At night I would lay imagining myself there as the cold ocean wrapped around my toes, ankles and legs and then sweeping back to the depths as if it was carrying with it all of my guilt, grief and heartbreak.  As if somehow the power of the ocean could make me whole again. 

So while Jordan and I walked along the beach and I watched the waves crashing in and out I took my shoes and socks off and stood there at the edge. Eyes closed, listening to the voice of the ocean thunderous yet calming, collect.  I felt the surge of the crash of the waves at my ankles and as the sand that wrapped and covered my toes.   I realized as I stood there that I was already whole, yet it felt good to have some symbolism for myself. A closing and an opening of new things to begin.  For a surge of energy to keep pushing forward, to always keep looking forward. 

Before we drove along highway 1 we drove into Aptos, California to take a hike into Nisene Marks State Park.  There is something about Redwood trees that makes you think if there are any sort of fairies or gnomes living in a forest they would be under the cover and foliage of the Redwoods.  

Some how forest make me think of how ancient and sacred the earth is.  I realize this is perhaps crazy talk but everything I walk into the woods, I quiet myself prepare myself as if I am walking into the temple.  Only I find the the coverage of the trees more sacred, more special than something man made.  We could never fully create the serenity and peace we can feel in the natural state of our earth than building a man made building.   I tend to find God more easily in the natural state of being than walking into a building that was built to be “home”. 

Jordan and I did a quick loop from the parking lot, we trekked down to the river taking our time to take pictures and to observe everything around us.   We were only there for an hour and half and I am hoping that we will be able to get back sometime soon to spend more time hiking the trails. 

After the quick hike we did a quick drive around Santa Cruz, along town and down by the amusement park and then we drove out to highway one. 

We stopped along the road at one beach and got out and walked along the edge of the ridge with Charles.  Watching as others walked down to the beach while we looked for tide pools from the top. 

Once we stopped at the next stop we got out and hiked down the narrow path to the beach.  The beach sprawled out on either direction so we walked along the edge climbing on a few rocks looking for tide pools and little sea creatures. 

We then drove the rest of the way to Half Moon Bay and stopped at a new local brewery called Sacrilege Brewing Company.  I had their La Ultima Crema with cod tacos and Jordan had their Oat Skool with their pork nachos.  Their beers where on point and their fish tacos by golly I could have ate ten of them. 
** Give the La Ultima Crema some time to warm up a little bit. There is a good vanilla body at the end wants it warms. Also super easy to drink. 

We ended the evening early going back home and watching New Year’s Eve on the tube while I tried not to fall asleep….okay I really tried to fall asleep early. 

With love, 


We flipped a coin

Sunday morning over Labor Day Weekend Jordan and I couldn’t decide on what to do- take a quick last minute trip to southern Utah or do spiral jetty and Golden Spike.  So we flipped a coin and let it decode for us. 

Tails was spiral and golden spike. Many of my friends have been and I hadn’t had the opportunity yet to go. I was excited for either side of the coin.  We got our day snacks and water filled and headed out for a light day of adventure.   

It was a good drive north on I-15 to The Golden Spike Monument.  For those who don’t know.  The railway was connected here in Utah between the east and west coast.  For the celebration a golden spike was layed by the then railway tycoon.  There is a small visitor center that plays a movie about the construction of the railway and then outside they have a two locomotive replicas.  FYI if you do this I would add t Union Station Muesuem in Ogden, Utah. Gives you more information about the rail system and the history of the railway. 

After taking pictures with the cars we headed down the road farther to The Great Salt Lake where The Spiral Jetty was constructed. 

Back in the 70s a man hired a contractor to build a rock formation now known as the Spiral Jetty out in the Great Salt Lake.  The water once upon a time used to come up and cover the jetty at certain times of the year.  These days the lake water has receded so far out that who knows if they will ever reunite again. 

If you don’t know the formation of the jetty and you head out there and see this rock formation you might wonder if this was/ is a arcological site. Who formed this, why was this formed, what does it represent? 

I wonder what people will think of it centuries down the road. When we are all lost, the rements of our lives are all but covered and gone, what will they think?  Will the story still survive or will it be lost and future generations have to come up with their own clues, ideas.  

We as humans have a tendancy to create objects for either spiritual, religious or practical reasons.  The reasons tend to get lost but the structure survives and future humans then go and try to understand what it was for. Perhaps so we can understand our own nature a bit more. 
Whatever the reason it is still fun to explore and to wonder. 
What you will need. 

  1. A light sweater, jacket for season
  2. Sandals or tennis shoes
  3. Water
  4. Hat for protection 
  5. Snacks 

Have fun adventuring! 

With love, 


Crater’s of the Moon adventure

Jordan and I were driving back from Bringham City Peach Days when he looked over at me smiled and asked what we should do for Sunday.  I was hesitant to mention that I would really love to drive up to Idaho to Craters of the Moon.  “Its only a two hour drive from here” I said when I finally came out with it.   He started thinking, hmm “should we go tonight?” 
So I hurried up packed myself and Charles, and Jordan got the van situated for all of us for the last minute trip.  We made dinner that I could hardly eat due to the excitement of the trip and then we set out on the road.  We drove Saturday evening chasing the night sky, leaving behind the city and inching ourselves ever closer to the excitement of the short adventure we were on. 

The drive from Ogden, Utah to the National Monuememt was really 3 and a half hours. Still nothing compared to getting out and exploring the great outdoors.  We drove up to the park closed for the night, we drove around close to the entrance parking for the night at the entrance gate.  The campsite was closed for renovastions. 

We got out, walked around to stretch out and gaze up at the stars that we forget about when we are closed off due to all of the light pollution from the city.  The moonlight made a dramatic affect against the backdrop of the landscape we could barely sctech out along with the solitude, quietness of utter space. 

Around 2 am I had gotten up to let Charles out. The moon had set and all around all you could see were stars. The milky way popped with light and color against the night sky and I was reminded of the aw-ha moment I had sitting in geography class and a night I had down in Moad a few years ago.  

The only thing holding us all is gravity. We are spinning in this controlled choas. We are orbiting around the sun along with the planets in our solar system, our sun is spinning letting out heat and light. Our solar system then orbits our galaxy along with the other systems and our galaxy is orbiting along space.  And there lies the great mystery and yet it all explains how our earth functions. It all plays a part in our tides, our weather, climates our landscapes and how we as humans, animals live here on our planet.  We are living, operating our day to day lives. 

We are on this great adventure together, not really knowing where we are going, why we are cosmically here. We do our best to understand, to discover and to explore.  
So I try to do my part by exploring to hopefully try to understand, to see the beauty…to fall in love with nature. 

Saturday Morning we woke to a new perspective of our surrounding landscape.  Crater’s of the Moon gives you two eerily sesations . 1 that perhaps you are on some desolitue planet left abandoned. 2 that an apocalyptic event has occurred and you are all alone. 
In one day of exploring we got to understand the landscape better, learn and to hike. We explored lava rock fields, fossilized trees, cinder cones and caves.   The last lava flow was around 2000 years ago, the Shoshone tribe used the area for gathering, migrating and shelter, and the area was a cutoff for the Oregon Trail. 

We got to see everything except for the wilderness trail.  We neither had the time nor proper prep for the trail. 

You can explore everything withing in a day, everything is close and trails are easily accesable. Most trails are paved and are no longer than a mile to hike. There are some steep areas climbing the cinder cones but the hike is well worth it for the views. 

What you will need for day: 

  1. Permit for caves ( received at visitor center) 
  2. Hiking/walking shoes 
  3. Water
  4. Hat
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Headlamp/flashlight
  7. Snacks 

With love,