Southern most of Texas

I had a day to explore in Brownsville, Texas and I am glad that I did. It was leisurely and I certainly liked that but I can certainly say I hit only .01% of what this town has to offer when it comes to history, food, and outdoor activities. -side note if you have a … Continue reading Southern most of Texas


Boat day in Wilmington, NC

i am currently in my flight attendant training and to be truthful enjoying it at the moment more than i thought i would.   the week before heading out i was in this weird funk i couldn't seem to get out of until i finally got into my class and was able to pass my first … Continue reading Boat day in Wilmington, NC

Art Loeb Trail- Pisgah National Forest

i have been making attempts the last several weeks to get out on the hiking trails around asheville.   so far i have hiked in pisgah three times and dupont once.   its been fun to get out and explore a little bit while also planning out longer day and weekend trips within the area.  there is … Continue reading Art Loeb Trail- Pisgah National Forest

Thanksgiving in Wilmington

I spent Thanksgiving this year down in Wilmington, NC with friends and their families. Wilmington was a lot of fun there was a lot of Taphouse hopping and staying up late visiting with everyone. My favorite part was heading to the beach on Saturday.  The weather was perfect with the temps in the Mid 60's … Continue reading Thanksgiving in Wilmington