Mothers Day

the sun is setting behind me its really quite beautiful.  An orange/coral glow with clouds passing over it.  I am sitting at the balcony in my hotel room currently looking out to the mountain range in Vancouver.  It is all spectacular and I won't have a picture for this view.  This one is going to … Continue reading Mothers Day

Wondering in Frankfurt, Germany

I honestly had no plans when hopping on a flight to Germany. All I had with me was my passport and my card and some change of clothes in my daypack. I had booked a hostel right before I left and that was really all the planning I did. What to do or where to … Continue reading Wondering in Frankfurt, Germany

Expectations and Reality 

Draft I've been having a difficult time trying to write anything down, I have been finding more ways to distract myself claiming that I have been opening myself up for creative thought processing. There is only so much hiking and exploration in the name of creativity till you realize that nothing is getting written down. … Continue reading Expectations and Reality