Punta Cana-Last Day

Tuesday morning I woke up as soon as the alarm went off. I hurried out the door gathering my swim suit and dress to get as much time as possible on the beach. I've always been a water person, drawn to it just as much as I am drawn to the desert. Each has its … Continue reading Punta Cana-Last Day


Punta Cana -Day One

I am just getting back from Punta Cana. It was a beautiful and warm and a big learning curve for my first Big travel destination. This is the first time that I have ever been out of the country and so there were things that I didn't understand and had never experienced before. I am … Continue reading Punta Cana -Day One

Expectations and Reality 

Draft I've been having a difficult time trying to write anything down, I have been finding more ways to distract myself claiming that I have been opening myself up for creative thought processing. There is only so much hiking and exploration in the name of creativity till you realize that nothing is getting written down. … Continue reading Expectations and Reality