Life with Eczema

This morning as I was waking up I laid there waiting to feel the tight stretching and pain all around my neck, shoulders, arms back and down to my legs.  I waited for the itching to start up where I then would lay there and try not to itch until I couldn't take it anymore.  … Continue reading Life with Eczema


West to East

I'm not really sure what to write and it's been awhile since I have really posted anything of content.  honestly, I'm not sure how much I should share. I have moved to North Carolina right outside of Asheville.  I'm not sure how long I will stay out here for. Mostly to lick my wounds, use it … Continue reading West to East

Expectations and Reality 

Draft I've been having a difficult time trying to write anything down, I have been finding more ways to distract myself claiming that I have been opening myself up for creative thought processing. There is only so much hiking and exploration in the name of creativity till you realize that nothing is getting written down. … Continue reading Expectations and Reality