Three years

Yesterday I was riding down from my bank to kafe merc and for a moment I couldn't remember the date.  Does it really matter at this point?  This time of the year always gives me time for pause. More than just the fact that the weather is slowly shifting or the leaves starting to change … Continue reading Three years

Recovering from Vaginismus

I wrote a post a year and a half ago about my very personal difficulties in my marriage stemming from sex. During those years I had vaginisum but didn't know there was a name to it, that there were/are others who had the same problem as I did. Due to the shame and lack of … Continue reading Recovering from Vaginismus

thoughts over pho

im finally starting to warm up from my walk home tonight. Tuesday's are generally a little bit longer of a shift, closing followed by poetry and pho. It's my date night for myself. Reflecting, letting the loneliness settle in until it lifts and slowly I feel something else...volunerablity.  I feel the most volunerablity when I … Continue reading thoughts over pho