Saturday Markets

I don't often get a Saturday off but when I do you can typically find me at a Farmers Market in the morning. This morning two of my roommates and myself went over to Pioneer Park for the SLC Farmers Market. For everything going on it there was a good amount of people out and … Continue reading Saturday Markets

Emigration Canyon Ride

yesterday after I got home from my turn into Santa Barbara I hurried up and got myself ready to go and finally ride up Emigration Canyon. It's a popular ride for cyclist here in Utah and one I hadn't done yet. Too nervous, didn't think I could do it, intimidated and mostly just thinking I … Continue reading Emigration Canyon Ride

Mothers Day

the sun is setting behind me its really quite beautiful.  An orange/coral glow with clouds passing over it.  I am sitting at the balcony in my hotel room currently looking out to the mountain range in Vancouver.  It is all spectacular and I won't have a picture for this view.  This one is going to … Continue reading Mothers Day