Mt. St. Helen

This post was written at the end of September after a weekend visiting Mt. St. Helen for the first time (myself) September 2017 The winds shifted last week. It happened one evening the temperature dropped just enough to add a light sweater for the morning and evening commute. The rains followed on Sunday. As we … Continue reading Mt. St. Helen


Life with Eczema

This morning as I was waking up I laid there waiting to feel the tight stretching and pain all around my neck, shoulders, arms back and down to my legs.  I waited for the itching to start up where I then would lay there and try not to itch until I couldn't take it anymore.  … Continue reading Life with Eczema

Thanksgiving in Wilmington

I spent Thanksgiving this year down in Wilmington, NC with friends and their families. Wilmington was a lot of fun there was a lot of Taphouse hopping and staying up late visiting with everyone. My favorite part was heading to the beach on Saturday.  The weather was perfect with the temps in the Mid 60's … Continue reading Thanksgiving in Wilmington