Astoria and Cape Disappointment….

The last weekend of July we spent Saturday and Sunday in Astoria and Cannon Beach. Checking out the towns and two of the state parks next to each. We watched whales outside of Astoria as we were heading to Cape Disappointment, I was mesmerized by Astoria itself. It creates a story in itself, the barges, … Continue reading Astoria and Cape Disappointment….

City of Rocks- Idaho 

 A city that has towers of rocks, it's floors dirt with small creeks, your shops nestled within trees..... imagine a city you can climb, hike and blouder through... a city that creates imagination....  For an early summer weekend trip Jordan I headed out to City of Rocks National Preserve.   It's a two hour drive … Continue reading City of Rocks- Idaho 

Canyonlands-Island in the Sky

For our second day down in Southern Utah we went into Canyonlands to explore and hike.  Saturday night after pizza and ice cream we tried driving around seeing if we could find ourselves and empty campsite..... since we didn't find one close enough we parked just a little outside the park at a pullout and … Continue reading Canyonlands-Island in the Sky