Happy Valentines! I am today sitting in a Starbucks drinking a very large mocha while people watching. Surprisingly not so much fan fair with the day. You know I kinda wouldn't mind walking into a place with it decked out in hearts of all shapes and sizes. If I am not kissing someone today at … Continue reading Valentines


A perspective of 2017

Oh 2017 had so much going on.... where to even start with it... the year started off living in the East Bay of California.... there was a lot of exploring the area with new places and old favorites. Working at a retirement home and loving and caring for those I served. I also started biking … Continue reading A perspective of 2017

Art Loeb Trail- Pisgah National Forest

i have been making attempts the last several weeks to get out on the hiking trails around asheville.   so far i have hiked in pisgah three times and dupont once.   its been fun to get out and explore a little bit while also planning out longer day and weekend trips within the area.  there is … Continue reading Art Loeb Trail- Pisgah National Forest

Thanksgiving in Wilmington

I spent Thanksgiving this year down in Wilmington, NC with friends and their families. Wilmington was a lot of fun there was a lot of Taphouse hopping and staying up late visiting with everyone. My favorite part was heading to the beach on Saturday.  The weather was perfect with the temps in the Mid 60's … Continue reading Thanksgiving in Wilmington